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Updated April 29, 2017!

OK, here we GO! Another TV page!

Its time to check out this COOL page!

New additions to my collection, Aug. 2009
Look here to see what I have added to my collection in 2008/09

The Indian Head Test Pattern is for sale! Updated April 29, 2017,  
BUY IT HERE!!!!!!!!! YES, the patterns are still for sale!

The Indian Head Test Pattern Story! Updated April 29, 2017
Here is the story of how I got the original artwork!

Featured Collector for 2007, NEW, June 5, 2007
Check out the fastastic vintage television camera collection from Bobby Ellerbee!

Here is a RARE RCA TK-15 B&W camera I just got!!! March, 2006
This is a RARE one!

Check out the newest addition to my collection! New, Feb. 2006
Check out the RCA TK-41A I just picked up in Seattle!

The Super Bowl 2006!
Check out some behind the scenes photos!

College Football 2005! New, Nov. 2005

The 50th Anniversary of Disneyland May, 2005
Look HERE to see my working RCA TK-30 and 31 at Disneyland!

NAB 2005 May, 2005
Look HERE to see the working camera display I had at NAB 2005!

Look HERE to see the 1948 RCA Tv Truck I just got!!!!! Updated: Aug. 11, 2005
Look here to see my latest find!!!!!

The RCA TJ-48A Remote Truck!!!
This was one of the first commerically used trucks in the 1940s!

RCA TK-30A cameras WORKING!!! NEW Jan. 2005
I now have three TK-30s working! Check out the photos HERE!

Some beautiful Photos!
Here are some photos I took while I was on the road for 5 weeks with PGA Golf.

Photos of the month for 2005.

Photos of the month, for 2003 and 2004
To see the previous photos of the month, please go back to the Television page #1.

My latest find!!!! July, 2004

The NBA Finals!!!

WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO!!! Updated, July 18, 2004
Now that I have retored from 27 years at ABC Tv in Hollywood, look HERE to see what I am doing!

Two new cameras have arrived!!!! Jan. 2004
Check out my newest RCA TK-14 and TK-31!!!

Some of the new equipment I just got in!

The DuMont Electronicam NEW Oct. 12, 2003
You HAVE to check this camera out!!!!!!!
MORE photos added!!! See inside!!!!

More goodies have arrived! Aug, 2003!
I never give up! Thanks to ALL who have dontaed items for my collection!

Here are some photos of my latest camera I just got in!

Some new photos of my work shop and collection. NEW, June 17, 2003!

The AMPEX VR-1000
Check out what I am going to be getting SOON!!!!

My latest project! May 19, 2003

Chucks photo album
Well, I did this page for the FUN of it!

OH YEA! Get ready for ANOTHER load of goodies! May 4, 2003
This latest load will bring the number of cameras I have to 132!!!!!!

Check this out! My newest load of goodies are IN! April 22, 2003

A complete list of my entire Tv Camera Collection! Updated Feb. 18, 2006
I have been asked to list my entire camera collection. Click here to see almost all of my collection! I NOW have over 141 cameras in the collection!!!!!!

Viewers Photos! Updated, Nov. 17, 2005
Check out these great photos sent to be by viewers of this web site! Please send me your photos and I'll post them HERE!!!

Professional Tv and Radio Links page! Updated, April 27, 2003!
Here is a NEW page. Dedicated to Pro links to the BEST broadcast equipment and web sites out there!

Broadcast History Web Sites. NEW April 22, 2003
Check out these great radio and Television hostorical web sites!

Television Cameras, Updated Feb. 2006
Almost every Tv camera ever made!

Check back often. All NEW pages will show up HERE!!!

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