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I will re-make this page soon.

Here is my NEW Links page. I have hundreds of links to the BEST web sites on the Internet. Give me some time to get them all up here.

If you have a great web site that is related to Television or Radio and you want it listed HERE, please send me an email with your sites URL.


This page will be under construction for a long time! Check back often for updated Tv and Radio links!

Vintage Tv, Radio, and related sites:

The Predicta Tv Site!
A fabulous Predicta showroon site!

Vintage parts for your restoration project!

Play Things of the Past
Vintage Radios, parts, tubes, and literture

Radio Era Archives
One of the largest sites for Manuals to vintage tv and radio equipment, and MORE!

Historical Information:

RCA Equipment Archives
Some nice time lines for vintage RCA equipment.
Thanks Barry!

Tech. Information:

How to read Capacitor codes.

Dealers of Tv and Radio related equipment:

DSC Labs
It does not get any better than this!
Look HERE for camera set up charts.

Television and Radio related Organizations

Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters
I am a member of this historical organization. Here is their NEW web site.

Society of Broadcast Engineers

The Society of Television Engineers


Radio Stations

KCSN Public Radio
This is my favorite internat radio station on the weekends. Great nostalgia music!

The Music of your Life
If you like the old popular favorites, this is the place to GO!

Much, much more to come. I have just started to add links to this page. Please check back often!

If you find a bad link, please let me know ASAP!

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