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I was very lucky to get this great RCA TK-41A. It used to belong to KOMO Tv in Seattle, Washington. When they no longer needed it, it was given to Washington State University. Then it somehow found it's way to the showroom of a Lincoln Mercury dealership in Seattle. There is sat for many years. The dealership was recently sold, and the new owner did not want it. It was offered to me, and I flew up there, loaded it in a truck and drove it home!

Here it sits in the car dealers showroom in Seattle.
I am amazed at the condition after 50 years! Compare it with the photo below taken 48 years ago!

This photo was taken at KOMO in 1958
My camera is the EXACT camera shown in the older photo. The viewfinder shade was changed, but they both say Camera "1" on the side.
KOMO only owned two RCA TK-41A cameras. They bought them in 1956.
I wonder what every happened to Camera 2?

Here is another early photo of my camera at KOMO. It was taken the day it was delivered in 1956!

I only got the camera, pan head and ped. I am lucky to already have a complete set of support equipment for this TK-41A. I plan to restore it to working condition. Stay tuned for more photos and information!

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