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I was very lucky to be on the Video crew for the Super Bowl in Detroit in 2006. Here are some photos I took.

Video control in the "A" unit.

Video control in the "B" unit, where I worked.

It was nice and warm inside the dome!

We used a DSC Labs chip chart to set up some of our cameras. Notice the difference between the old chip chart and the new one!

Yes, this is the REAL one!

Ohhhhh, was it COLD!

Well, we are not really proud of this, but it worked! It is the "A" unit, and the video cables going into it.
Yes, we actually know what each cable does!

Here are two of our Thomson HD cameras

Everyone was at lunch so I was able to get this rare photo of the main control room in the "A" unit. Everything centers around this room.

Here is the main audio control room.

This is one of many video tape rooms.

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