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I have been lucky enough to do Senior Video on a College Football tour for ABC Sports in 2005.
Here are some photos I have taken this season:

Here I am in NEP's SS-3 Digital Truck

Husky Stadium, in Seattle

Syracue, Ny.

Penn. State

Using my favorite chip chart, from DSC Labs, in Michigan

For the BEST video possible, I use the DSC Chip Chart on all my cameras!

Here is Camera #1 Left 20, and the clock camera in Michigan

The ABC compound in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Inside the Metro Dome in Minn.
We love this place when it's below zero outside!

One of my favorite cities, Boulder, Colorado

In Austin, Texas, we rehearsed, while the Director was outside playing with the local kids. Mickey sat in and called a few shots!

Our Director, Patrick, played with some of the local Texas kids. The football was FULL with candy!

Austin, Texas from my hotel window on the 22nd. floor. Someone has to do IT!

Stay tuned, I have two more College games to go, plus two Bowl games, and the Super Bowl. More photos to come SOON!

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Last modified on Thursday, November 17, 2005