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The 50th anniversary of Disneyland!

I was invited to re-open Disneyland exactly the way they did it in 1955. ABC Tv Network broadcast the 1955 opening in black and white using RCA TK-30A cameras. I brought the exact same type of cameras. Over 60 countries were there to celebrate!


My RCA TK-30A in 2005

Yes, that is Fess Parker in 1955!

Yes, Art Linkletter is still alive and going strong at 93!
He was also there in 1955 to help open the park.

One of the ABC control rooms in 1955

My control room in 2005

I had to use a Panasonic MX-50 switcher. My cameras did not put out color burst, and the uplink truck would not broadcast my pictures without burst. The switcher took care of that!

Mickey and Minnie in 2005

Robin Roberts from Good Morning America used my camera too, live on the air!

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Last modified on Saturday, February 18, 2006