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NEW, March 2006

I just got this very RARE RCA TK-15 B&W camera!

After 40+ years of collecting television cameras, I FINALLY got a TK-15!!!

This camera uses "C" mount film lenses. The lenses you see are not the correct ones for this camera. I have some in storage, and when I find the, I'll put them in the turret.
The previous owner put these home made lenses on the camera for display.

Not very many of theses cameras were made. This camera is one of the rarest RCA TK series B&W cameras! Not near as popular as the RCA TK-11/31, most of these cameras were used for industrial television and by schools. Even rarer is the RCA TK-12. I do not have one in my collection. Matter of fact, I do not know of any still around.

I do not have the CCU and power supply for this camera. I NEED A SET BAD!!!! HELP!!!!!!

The RCA TK-15 camera

Built in 1957. It uses a B&W Vidicon tube, 7" built in viewfinder, non-linear focus mechanism, and simplified set-up and operation provided by feedback stabilized circuitry.

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