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Here are some photos of some new (old) cameras I just got in!

I will clean up two of the TK-41s, and use the third one for a parts camera.
These cameras came from a local church in the Los Angeles area. Right in my backyard!

Here is a rare RCA TK-41C. This camera was once used by an NBC station somewhere, then donated to a church near Hollywood, Ca. This camera is for sale! Please email me if you are interested. The pan head and tripod come with it too!

Here is another TK-41. A earlier model, (no C), just a TK-41. There is some cleaning up to do on this very rare camera, but it is also for sale! Sorry, the Zoomar lens stays with me! I just put it on for the photo,,,,,,
Again, it comes with a pan head and tripod. The gold spray paint on the body of the camera will come off. You can see the area I cleaned just behind the RCA meatball on the side of the camera.

This TK-41 stays with me as a parts camera.

A Norelco PCP-90 Hand Held camera. We used to call these "back breakers"!

Another PCP-90. I would consider selling one of the above cameras for a decent offer.

This is an Hitachi SK-70 camera in the Studio configuration.

I am getting another load of vintage Tv equipment in, next week! Check back for photos soon!!!!!

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