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Here are some old photos of my workshop. I have moved, and will post new photos soon. I am now in East Tennessee.

Here is my humble home. Lots of land, and maybe room for a large storage barn?

Some of the equipment I am working on.

Some of my Audio collection

Parts for my TK-41 and TK-60.

The TK-41C CCU and Proc Amp.

Various Slant Racks with the TK-40 controls on the right.

TK-30 and 31 Field CCUs
and support equipment

This is my Ham/Video Control Console/Repair table/mess. I know where everything is!

Some of my KA6USA Ham equipment, crammed in with lots of stuff waiting to get fixed!

These two photos show a very small part of my 8,000+ tube collection.
I do sell vintage tubes. Let me know if you need any!

More photos to come, as re-build me web site.

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