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Here are the photos of my latest load of GOODIES!!!

It was BETTER than I thought!!!!
This load will bring the number of cameras I have up to 132!!!!

My "THANKS" go to Jan Lowry for taking some time out of his vacation to pick these items up for me in Miami and Atlanta!

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to my good friends Tony Sellitto and Richard Rex for donating all this great equipment to my Museum!

Here is Jan with his new motor home. He drove this all the way from Los Angeles to Florida on Vacation.

There was not enough room to turn the motorhome and trailer around in my yard, so I had to meet Jan at the end of the road with my pick up truck.

My first look at the goodies!

Time to UNLOAD!

It took two pick up truck loads to get the equipment to my house.


For some reason, the next page locks up when I try to type words on it. I am working on the problem. The photos are of a nice Marconi MK-IV camera, a RCA TG-2 Sync Generator, and a RCA TK-1 Indain Head Test Pattern Generator.

Look HERE to see photos of each piece of equipment!

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Last modified on Sunday, May 04, 2003