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A viewer asked me if I would post some photos of myself when I started in Tv.

I decided to have some FUN with this. Here are some early and current photos of my timeline in Television.

Ahhhhh, I can see the Broadcasting career gleem in my eyes!

Not the best quality photo, but here I am with our first Tv set. A Motorola in 1949! When I was 7 years old, I took this set apart. My father flipped! He called the Tv Repairman. I had it back together and running by the time he showed up!

I really thought I was a BAD TEEN!
Taken about 1967.

OH GOD! Look at this teenager in San Francisco!
Taken about 1969.

Taken at KCSM Tv-14 in San Mateo, Calif. in 1970. I thought at the time this was a HUGE switcher!

A group photo of our remote crew working on the local Jerry Lewis Telethon. I'm in the back row with the headset.
About 1972

The two above photos were taken in the mid 1970s at KGSC Tv-36 in San Jose Calif.

This photo was taken in Alaska.
I was visiting a friends gold mine, and shooting some video for FUN!
 Note the baby FOX on the right!

Here I am in a old mining town in the Mother Load Country in 1998.
I take my video camera with me everywhere I go!

Boy, has my career come a long way! Here I am doing Senior Video on Monday Night Football in HD!
Taken in 2000.

More photos to come soon, as soon as I can find them in the attic!

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