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I am restoring my 2nd RCA TK-1 Indian Head Test Pattern Generator!

This one was a real mess! Most of the caps were bad, and I found a lot of broken wires. It now works, but I have no focus voltage. I am working on that problem, so check back soon to see this RARE Monoscope camera working!

The great news is: I am going to SELL this camera after I get it working! As far as I know, no one has EVER sold a working TK-1 unit EVER! If you think you might want this rare beauty, please email me. It will come complete with power supply, sync generator, and B&W monitor! Ready to mount in a rack! Can you believe YOU can be one of only a handfull of people to own a WORKING RCA TK-1 Indian Head Test Pattern Generator!!!!!
Picture THIS camera in your Tv station!!!!! If you have a Sync generator, you would not need the one I have for this unit.

The front view. Note the Monoscope tube in the metal housing.

The rear view. The cables are for the sync pulses. Horz, Vert, and Blanking.
Also Video out.

Here are some of the caps I have changed. I know they did not have Orange Drops in 1948, but they are the BEST caps to use. This unit was left on 24 hours a day. I want this baby to LAST!!!!!

I used NEW old stock Electrolytics on the front of the TK-1. It will look exactly like it did in 1948!

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Last modified on Monday, May 19, 2003