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OK! Two more cameras have arrived!!!!
That makes 136!

Ahhhhh yes, another load!

Here is a GE 4PC4 IO camera. This is my 2nd one. This one is complete with CCUs! I hope to have it working soon!

Here is a nice RCA TK-11A. Its painted NBC "blue".
I have to say,,,, I just got the View Finder and I put it on a TK-11A body I had. It really looks nice this way, and the paint matches EXACTLY!!!

Check back in a few weeks! I will be getting in a RCA TK-14 camera! Its very RARE!!!! I have wanted one for the past 38 years!!! I will also be getting in a RCA TK-11 camera body. I have a spare View Finder, so I will try and get it working sometime next year!
The above photo, shows the cameras sitting on a pallet, almost ready to ship to me from Ohio!
I also get two nice triopds and wheels!

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Last modified on Sunday, August 17, 2003