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Well, it's 2005 and I have been very busy getting some of my old cameras working.
Check out the photos below of three RCA TK-30A cameras in "kinda" working condition!

This nice RCA TK-30A is from WRC-TV in Washington, Dc.

I changed some tubes and caps, and it makes a decent picture for a 1947 camera!

Here is the picture on a TK-31A CCU. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am happy "so far"!

This beautiful TK-30A came from KPIX-TV 5 in
San Francisco. It was donated to my collection by my good friend Frank Miller.
I have no idea why the viewfinder and turret are painted blue?

The viewfinder on this camera does not work, so I put the one from the above WRC camera on it. It makes a grainy but viewable picture.

A close up picture. I can make this much better by changing all the caps.
The Image Orth is weak, but ok.

Here is the third TK-30A I got working. his one is from KOMO TV in Seattle.
The viewfinder is not working so I again used the WRC camera VF.

This camera is in the best condition of the three. I will have this working very well in a few weeks.
Thanks to my good friend Jim from History For Hire for trading this great camera to me!

I used the CCU and Power Supply from a RCA TK-31A to get pictures on the three above cameras. I do have a working TK-30A Field unit, but the power supply keeps blowing the fuse. I have to change out the electrolytic caps, and it will work again.

Stay Tuned for more photos of my working cameras!

If you have any old video equipment that you would like to donate to my collection, please email me!


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Last modified on Wednesday, December 29, 2004