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Here are some of the items I have added to my collection in 2007/08 and 09

Under construction
Photos to come very soon.

4 RCA TK-31A cameras
4 RCA TK-30A cameras
2 RCA TK-60 cameras
RCA BC-2B Audio Consolette
RCA BC-5 Audio Consolette
RCA BC-6 Audio Consolette
2 complete RCA TTR Microwave transmitters and receivers with 5' dish.
Many microphones
Racks full with RCA studio equipment
Studio CCU for a RCA TK-11A camera.
Many RCA TM-6 monitors
RCA TK-41 support equipment
Complete RCA TK-20 Iconoscope camera with all support equipment
A 2nd RCA TK-20 camera, head only
My 2nd RCA CT-100 chassis

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Last modified on Saturday, August 22, 2009