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Updated July 10, 2006

After looking for an original RCA TJ-48 Tv Truck for 30 years, I FINALLY found one!!!!!

This truck was originally used at WABC TV in New York. When they went color, it went to WXYZ TV in Detroit. In the 70s it was no longer needed, so one of the engineers who worked on the truck took it home. He stripped everything out of the inside and made a CAMPER out of it, ohhhh

I have been looking for a truck like this most of my life. I used to work in one exactly like it back in the 60s in San Francisco.
I have a LOT of work to do restoring this 1948 truck back to it's original condition. Check back here for updates on the restoration.

I already have most of the Tv equipment that goes inside the truck. I do need the microwave dish and support electronics. If you know of a microwave system just sitting around somewhere, please let me know.

Here it is. Sitting in a building in Michigan. There is some rust here & there, but as far as I know, there are only two of them left. As of May 14, it is on a truck on it's way to Los Angeles. When it gets here, I will put more photos here on this page.

Here is the other one. It was driven in a building in 1974 and just left there. It is complete and full with most of it's original equipment. I have tried to get it, but the owners will not let it go.
More photos of this truck to come soon if I can get permission to put them here from the owners. I did spend 1 1/2 hours in it in April. I took lots of photos and measurements. It will be a great guide to help me restore the truck I just bought.

Here is what my restored remote truck will look like.
I am looking for a microwave dish exactly like the one on top of the truck.
I will trade you something really nice if you can find one for me!

Here it is! In my yard, rusting away, ohhhhhhhhh
I am going to remove all the outside steel siding and replace it with new steel, except the roof and fenders.

This side is in better condition,,,,,
Well, a "little" better,,,,

The guy that sold it to me, left all his junk inside!
The wood panels are not original. The last owner tried to make a CAMPER out of it!

The previous owner promised me he would clean the truck out BEFORE he shipped it! HA!

I am very happy one of the four original seats is still in the truck. I will have to get three more made for the rear of the truck.

OH YES! I can't wait to drive to NAB 2008 with THIS plate on the truck!

Let the restoration BEGIN!!!!!!! Updated July 10, 2006
Look HERE to see the start of the restoration process!

My remote truck historical photos!!!!!
Look HERE to see photos of my truck when it was in working condition!

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Last modified on Tuesday, July 11, 2006