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Here is the RCA TJ-48A Remote Truck I worked in way back in the 1960s. It was owned by KGO TV-7 ABC in San Francisco. We had RCA TK-30A cameras.
On this remote, KCSM TV-14 in San Mateo used the truck to broadcast the San Mateo County Fair.

Built in 1948 on a Chevy 1 1/2 ton chassis, it weighed 13,500 lbs without the equipment.
22' 4" long
7' 4" wide
9' 1" tall
A 90 HP engine pulled this truck from remote to remote! I remember it was like riding in a old Buck Board!!!
It cost $9,500 new.
It was set up to operate 3 cameras, and a TTR-1A Relay Transmitter.
A camera and one dish fit on the roof. I remember hauling the gear up the ladder! A hatch was available if you ordered it, so you could access the roof from inside the truck.
In 1950, a TJ-50A was built, and in
1953 a (updated) TJ-53A was built.
In the back were cable reels, I hated them, as it took 2 engineers to slowly un-reel each cable. Some trucks had the reels removed, so you could stack extra cable and more equipment in the back of the truck. In the 1948 truck, the reels flipped out to the sides, so you could have access to the back of the camera CCUs, and power supplies.
Note: This truck was custom ordered. You could change the configuration to suit your special needs. Some TJ-48A trucks had roof hatches, some did not. It depended on how they were ordered.

I have found one of these trucks, with its original equipment still inside! I am working very hard to add it to my collection!!!! I'll keep you informed as to what happens!

Another view of the KGO truck I worked in

Here is a photo of a very "special: TJ-48A Truck. Stay tuned for more information on this truck!!!
It is doing a remote in near Salt Lake City, Utah
The camera on top is a RCA TK-30A

A really nice shot of a TJ-48A in the stock RCA Colors!
The cameras are RCA TK-30A
Note the viewfinder is not on the camera on the ground???

Inside the TJ-48A

The floor plan for the TJ-48A

This TJ-48A was owned by KECA TV
ABC-7 in Hollywood. KECA later became KABC-7

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