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The Internet White Pages

Find a Pharis Phone Number
Type Pharis in the last name box, to search the USA
for all the Pharis names!!!

World Phone Books

World Wide Yellow and White Pages

City Maps of the USA!!!
Type in any address, and it will generate a city map for that address!!!

Find A Grave

Gateway To The British Isles

Geneology Resourse Page

National Archives

Rand Genealogy Club

Ancestry Search

Mark and Cyndi's Family Tree
Award winning Site!!!

Links to over 10,350 Genealogy Sites!

Utah State Genealogical Hotlinks
Great Site!!! Lots of usefull links!!

Janyce Root Diggin Department

State Vital Records

National Genealogical Society

Ancestery Magazine trial issue

Librarys on the Web

A Barrel of 300 Genealogy Sites

Irish Genealogy Sites

Celtic Family Roots

Genealogy in Ireland

Irish History and Links

Irish Family History

Irish Genealogical Foundation

Irlgen Irish Roots

North of Ireland Family History Society

UK and Irish Genealogy

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

More to come soon!

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