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Here are some photos of my ancestors
All were born, lived, and died in Kentucky.

Photo taken in Hickman County Kentucky, about 1866.
On the left: Perelinda ? Grandaughter of Samuel
Center: Samuel Pharis, b nov. 15 1811
d dec. 2, 1885 My GGG Grandfather
Right: Samuel's wife, Sarah (Sallie) Norris
b Apr. 18, 1812 d Sept. 11, 1894 My GGG Grandmother

Nathan Pharris b Oct. 11, 1837
d Oct. 14, 1904
My GG Grandfather
Note: His family added an extra "r" to their last name.

Nathans wife, Adeline Nall
b Dec. 25, 1841 d Mar. 17, 1912

A later photo of Adeline Nall Pharris

William Grundy Pharis
b Aug. 13, 1881 d May 31, 1954
My G Grandfather
Annie Zella Watts
b Dec. 7, 1883 d June 29, 1965
My G Grandmother

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