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Another fine mess I have got myself into!

OHMYGOD,,,,, what am I doing! This camera was stored under a mobile home in the DIRT for many, many years. The inside looks this bad too,,,,,,,, sigh,,,,,,

The prism assembly. Lots of cleaning to do in here!

Part of the optics. When I opened this unit a HUGE SPIDER flung itself at my face! AAAAAAAAAAAH!

I removed the three yokes to see more dirt!!!!!!!

Well I've done it now! Most of the insides are out! I cleaned the first few layers of dirt out, and at least now I can see the frame!

A view of the other side. I'm getting there!

OHHHHHH, this is what I cleaned out of the camera so far!

Click here to see how I restore the camera!

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Last modified on Monday, June 10, 2002