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Some of the parts that have to be repaired!

Some poor soul dropped this camera, and really made a mess out of the viewfinder and its mounting brackets.
No, I did not drop it!

The camera was dropped backwards on its viewfinder. The top rear of the viewfinder is bent. I will have to take it completely apart to bend it back,,,,

This is the bracket that holds the viewfinder inside the camera. It was bent in very bad. I have to remove all the wires, parts and connectors from it, so I can bend it straight.

One hour later, the bracket is out!

Oh yes, the friendly hammer and 2X4!
Crude, but it WORKS!!! Its straight again!

This is the end of the viewfinder. It cracked when someone dropped the camera,,,,,
This has to be welded, sanded, and re-painted.

The other end of the viewfinder.

Time to start working on the outside of the camera!

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Last modified on Monday, June 10, 2002