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A few words about your host

Updated July 1, 2021

JOB HISTORY: 53 years in Television Engineering.
Retired (Nov. 2003) as Senior Video Engineer for ABC TV Network, Hollywood, Calif.
Worked as a Freelance Video Control Engineer for ESPN. I do Sports, and Studio shows. Retired Nov 2016. 

Currently owning and running a broadcast audio and video equipment company in Tennessee, 

Member of the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters
FCC First Class License
Ham radio call WA4USA Advanced License
Three Engineering Emmy Awards, 6 Emmy nominations
"Admiral" in The Order of the Iron Test Pattern

I am involved in many things.

Geneology, Electronics, Ham Radio, MARS (Military Affiliate Radio Service), Computers, Radio and Television, Antiques, Old cars, History, Gold Prospecting, The Great Outdoors, Camping, Photography. and much more. My web pages will contain topics on all of the above. I ask you for your input, comments, and suggestions.

And also, Motion Picture consulting, related to Video Equipment

If you need a Video Control Engineer with 49 years in television, please call, and I will work for you!
Cell: 818-802-1603.

NOOOOOO WAIT, I am retired!!!!! Do NOT call!

 Chuck Pharis

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Last modified on, July 1, 2021