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Welcome to the Pharis Genealogy Page
On this page I will eventually list all the files I have on the Pharis name. I have over 1,200 individual Pharis names in my records. They are in PAF Gedcom files. As I learn more about how this HTML stuff works, I hope to leave all the files here in a computer language that you can download.
I also have some old Pharis photos. If they are scanable, I will leave them here also.
Please feel free to download any or all of the files and photos you wish.
If you have any information on the Pharis clan that I might want, please leave me a E-Mail, and I'll get I'll get back to you soon.
A lot of my files are a bit out of order, so be patient with me. As you all know, the spelling of the Pharis name varies a lot. I have many conflicting records, that I am tring to sort out. Your imput, suggestions, corrections, and comments will be welcomed.

Have fun brousing this page. Click on the icon at the top of this page to continue.

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Please feel free to browse my other pages. I update them often. You never know what you might find!!

Last modified on Sunday, October 04, 1998