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Please note: Broadcast profile is currently not open. They will open in 2012. More information will be posted here when they re-open.

Broadcast Pro-File

If you want information on almost any Radio Station in the United States, then Broadcast Pro-File is the place to look.
Edited by EMMY award winning television engineer,
Jan Lowry, this source lists everything you ever wanted to know about a station from it's conception to date!

1. Station call signs, former and present.
2. Station location.
3. All station owners, past and present.
5. Technical information about station power, antennas, transmitter, etc.
6. In some case, photos of the station, past and present.

Broadcast Pro-File attempts to cover the journalistic, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY of a stations development.

For information, write to:

Broadcast Pro-File

Their new address will be posted when they re-open in 2012.

Please mention that you saw the ad on the Chuck Pharis web site.

Radio Station Photos

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