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Here are some great photos of WRC TV 4. NBC TV at the Wardman Park Studios in Washington DC.

These photos came from my good friend Mark Aceto from Vienna Va. His father Louis Aceto worked at WRC from 1953 until he retired in 1985.
My thanks go out to BOTH Louis and Mark for these memories of a vintage Tv station.

Check THIS OUT! This is MY RCA TK-30A. Kinda looks like the camera in the above photo! Yes, I own one of the WRC cameras that is probably in some of the photos on this page! Note the NBC logo has changed on my camera, but its great to have this beauty in my collection! I plan to restore it too look exactly like the one in the above photo. I am looking for a original NBC "chimes" logo for my camera. If you have one, I'll trade you something nice for it!

My THANKS again to Louis and Mark for these beautiful photos!

If you have any vintage Tv or Radio photos, please let me know. I will post them on this site and give you credit!

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