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Well, here is the latest lot of goodies I just got in!

The great news is, this stuff came from right here in the Los Angeles area!!!!

Just arrived and fully loaded!!!!
(Nice front yard)
I LOVE the view!!!


My CAR is suppose to fit in here too???? Ohhhhhhhh

Two TK-41s, and one TK-41C. These cameras were once used at WHCT Tv In Hartford, Conn. One viewfinder is missing.

I plan on selling one of these TK-41s this Summer. I'll clean it up. and put it on a tripod for display. Interested? Email me and get on the LIST!


Now my WIFE wants to get her car in here too?????

I also got two nice RCA TD-1 peds, three TVP Peds, some RCA WP-33 power supplies, and lots of other goodies! Lots of cleaning to do here!!!!

If you are looking for any vintage tv equipment to buy or trade, please let me know!

This is a nice RCA side by side slant rack with a studio switcher and RCA TM-6 monitor!

The BEST news is, there is at least 4 to 5 more truckloads of goodies there, waiting for me to pick them up!!!!

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Last modified on Saturday, May 14, 2005