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I was lucky enough to get TWO RCA CT-100 Color Sets. Follow along with me as I "try" to get at least one working,,,,,,,

Here is CT-100 set #1. Photos of my other set are at the bottom of this page.

The cabinet is in quite good condition. I'll have to replace the grill cloth. Its too fragile to clean.

My first look inside blew my mind!!!! Some IDIOT put a RCA 21-CT-55 chassis inside the CT-100 cabinet!!!

I have decided to not re-cap this set at this time. I do not have a 21" cabinet for it, and will restore my other CT-100 . See the next page for details.

I am looking for a 21" cabinet for this chassis. Please let me know if you have one!

Look what the guy did to the pencil box to get the 21" chassis to fit the CT-100 set!!!!!!

More photos and information to come soon!

Click HERE to see my other CT-100

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Last modified on Sunday, March 16, 2003