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I am "slowly" putting together a complete RCA TK-41 camera chain. Here are some photos of the project as it comes along!

RCA TK-41 Equipment
RCA T0-1A Wave From Monitor,
RCA Proc Amp, and Camera Control Panel, in a RCA Slant Studio Rack.

RCA TK-40 equipment
TK-40 Camera Control Panel, Shading Panel, and RCA TM-5 Monitor, in RCA Slant Studio Racks.
Note: This equipment is NOT part of the TK-41C project. I just put the photo here to show what the camera control panel for a TK-40 looks like.

RCA TK-41 equipment
Some of the rack mounted support equipment for the RCA TK-41 camera chain. In the right rack from top to bottom, are a RCA TM-6C Monitor and Scope, RCA Rack Switcher, RCA
TX-1D Colorplexler, RCA Automatic Carrier Balance, RCA Focus Current Regulator, a empty space for the RCA Focus Voltage Regulator I "do not have", and two RCA WP-16 Power Supplies.
In the left rack is some support equipment for my RCA TK-60 camera chain, and the TG-2A Sync Generator for the TK-41.

I was VERY lucky to find this panel. Its a RCA rack mounted TK-41 power distribution panel. When I got it, most of the wires were missing and it only had one Jones plug connected. I conpletely rebuilt it, and its ready to go!

This is the RCA TK-41C camera that will be working with most of the support equipment on this page.

Stay tuned for more photos soon!

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