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The restoration has begun! Check out the links at the bottom of this page to see what I have done so far!!!!

I just got this RCA TK-40, YES! Its a TK-40! I'll have some historical information on this rare camera soon.
 As you can see, its in very poor condition. A friend of mine decided to repaint it, but never quite finished the project. Follow along with me, as I restore this great camera to its original NBC TV Network, Burbank condition!

This is exactly as I got it. It sure needs a LOT of work!
I'll put photos on this page as I restore the camera. You can see how I do it!

I am looking for information on this camera. If you worked for NBC and was there when this camera was used, please contact me by Email. chuck@pharis-video.com

Here is a photo of a RCA TK-41 that I took at NBC Burbank, in the 1960s. My camera will be restored to look like this camera.
The color is a bit off, its really a light blue.
My camera came from the same NBC studios in Burbank.

Click here to see the restoration process

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Last modified on Saturday, August 24, 2002