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Updated: Aug. 2009

On this page I will list items I need REALLY BAD!

I need a power supply for this RCA 76-B2 Consolette audio board.

Here is a very rare GE PH-3 Monoscope camera. Model 4PH3-A1
It generated a Indian Head Test Pattern just like the RCA TK-1 camera.
As you can see, its needs a lot of repair!

I really, really need a manual for this unit! It is missing a transformer and some other parts. A few wires are broken off too. I want to restore this to working condition. Please, if you have a manual for the is camera, let me know!!!!!!!

This is the Camera Control Panel for a RCA TK-41. I need this unit to make my camera work. Notice it has three input cables. I'll take one with three or one cable input. I also need a Focus Voltage and Focus Current Regulator for my TK-41 camera.
They are in the standard RCA Bathtub Chassis.

I know I am really dreaming here, but if you know of one of these RCA TJ-48 remote trucks sitting around, please let me know! I'll take one in ANY condition!
Also, I would be interested in ANY old Tv remote truck, like the one pictured below!

More stuff I need!
1. RCA TK-10,11,30,31 Viewfinder Hoods
2. RCA CT-100 Tv parts
3. Any 1940s to 50s lenses for Tv Cameras. Or any Zoomar Lens
4. Tripods and Pan Heads
5. Any 1930s to 1960s professional Tv cameras
5. RCA Field CCU, Monitor, Sync Generator interconnect cables.
6. Any 1940s to 50s RCA Microwave dish equipment.

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Last modified on Saturday, August 22, 2009