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Here are some behind the scene photos from the Las Vegas Football Game, I did on Dec. 25, 2001.

UNLV Staduim, in Las Vegas

Camera #2, on the roof, covering the 50 yard line.

Camera #4, at the high right end zone.

The announce booth

Two handheld cameras used to shoot the scoreboard clocks

Camera #5, called "the cart camera". Its on the field, and shoots close ups of the players.

Our leaders! The director on the left, and producer on the right, in the control room.

My happy "little" home, the Video Control Room! We fit TWO engineers in here!

The television compound, next to the stadium. The remote trucks were rented from NMT Mobile Television

The cameras used on the game were Ikegami 388 full size, and 388P Handhelds.

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