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I will post here some photos I have collected over the years! Please send me your favorite photos, and I will post them HERE!

Here are a few photos of one of the first Tv remotes I ever worked on. Sorry, no photos of me, but still some great shots of some old remote equipment. The gear was owned by KGO TV-7, ABC in San Francisco. They used to loan their old B&W RCA truck to our college Tv station, KCSM-TV-14 in San Mateo. These photos were taken at the San Mateo County Fair, in the early 1970s. The camera is a RCA TK-30A

WOW, did I get lucky here! This is the exact same camera I used in the 1970s in college! I now have the body in my collection. I have no idea what ever happened to the viewfinder?
There is a different stations logo on the camera. KDOL Tv-13. I bet this old camera was used at many stations before I got it! For those of you that want to know what the white box is on the side of the camera, its the orbitor. It was ment to prevent burns on the IO tube. It worked ok, but the tubes still burned on hot objects, if left for long periods of time!

Here is the first remote truck I ever worked in. It is a TG-48A. KGO TV ABC in San Francisco, loaned the truck to our college. We did many remotes with this beauty! I would love to find one of these trucks and restore it to working condition!

My good friend, Marty Meyer with the TK-30A and a Zoomar lens.

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