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Here is my RCA TK-60 working!!!

I will fix these photos soon.

This beautiful camera came from ABC TV Network in New York. It was used in the 1960s, and made one of the best black & white pictures. It had a 4 1/2" IO tube. Too bad it did not come out in the 1950s. It was replaced by color cameras as soon as tv stations could afford them. RCA Made the TK-41 Color Camera in 1954! So many households still had B&W tv sets in the 60s, that stations still bought this camera!

Here is all the support equipment needed for this camera. The CCU is in the upper part of the right rack, with a "spare" just below it. The WP-16 power supply is just out of the photo, in the bottom of the rack.
I am using a new sync generator, not in the photo. Yes, thats a RCA TK-1 Indian Head Pattern Generator in the left rack! It works too!!

Here is the first video out of the camera. Its grainy, and needs more set up, but I was THRILLED to get this camera working! Check back for more photos soon!

Sorry about the quality of this scan, but I think its a great photo advertising the RCA TK-60 back in the early 1960s!
I'll replace it with a better photo as soon as I can find the original!

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