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Here are some photos of my restored RCA TK-31A.
It took almost one FULL year to restore this camera to working condition!

The RCA TK-11A/31A was used in the studios as well as in the field. When in the studio connected to a studio CCU (camera control unit) it was called the TK-11A. When connected to the field CCU, it was called a TK-31A. The camera "head" was EXACTLY the same.
This was a very popular B&W camera used in the 1950s by stations all over the USA.

Here is the same camera fitted with the very long Zoomar lens. This is a very RARE lens, and I know of only three left. I had all three at one time, but traded one to a friend. If you know of another one, please let me know! This lens used a "push-rod" to zoom and focus. I used this type of lens way back when I started out as a Tv Camera operator. If the push-rod had even the slightest nick or bend in it, the zoom would "stick", and the director would yell "Easy! Zoom SMOOTH you idiot"!!! If we ever found a straight zoom rod, we would stick it down our pants leg, and hobble off to our car with it. A lot of zoom rods simply "went away"!!! All the remote trucks had left, were bent rods!!!

Here is the video right out of the cameras viewfinder! Thats my old 1974 pick up in the shot! I had to change most of the caps and a lot of tubes, to get this camera to work. Its restored to original condition. Check back soon, for more photos!

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