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Here is a well used but nice RCA TK-30A camera!

This camera was first used at WNBW TV Ch-4 in Washington DC. They had a RCA Remote truck with TK-30A cameras. This one was Camera 6.
WNBW began on June 27, 1947 with studios at the Wardman Park Hotel.
NBC owned and operated the station.
In the studio they had 4 RCA TK-10A cameras. They used TK-30A cameras in the field. In Oct. 1954 they changed their call to WRC-TV. Those call letters are on the side of my camera.
In 1958 WRC TV moved its studios to 4001 Nebraska Ave NW.
They claimed to have a 4 Million Dollar Tv and Radio complex at that location!

I received this great camera in Dec. 2001 from a friend in North Carolina.
THANKS Jonathan!!!
I put my lenses on it. Its set up for field use with the two long lenses!

Here is the field CCU and Power Supply. I am working to restore this camera to working condition. Check back for more photos as I hope to have some video from it sometime in 2002!

My thanks to Jan Lowry, owner of Broadcast Pro-File for the historical information on WNBW and WRC.
For historical information on ANY radio or Tv station in the USA, check out the link to Broadcast Pro-File on the Tv pages on my site.

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Last modified on Friday, December 07, 2001