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Vacuum tubes for sale!!

Only a very small portion of my collection is shown here. If you need it, I probably have it! Updated Feb 2011.

I have over 12,000 vacuum tubes for sale. Way too many to list here. Please email me at
chuck@pharis-video.com with your needs. I do not carry transmitter tubes. I do have tubes from the 1920s to date. 4 pins and up! Shipping is extra. All tubes guarenteed to work. I check out every tube before I ship it. I have about 5,500 new tubes, and the rest are used but in perfect working condition. I dump all tubes with low ratings. Prices are from 50 cents per tube and up.
If you need it, I probably have it! I have some really oddball ones!
I also buy tubes. One at a time, or entire collections!

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Last modified on Feb 2011