The Dumont 124-B Camera

FINALLY, after 29 years of searching, I have a Dumont Camera!!
It is in good shape and I hope to completly restore it to its original working condition.

wish me luck!!!

The camera has been repainted many times, and is a strange lime green?
The CCUs are the original dark green.
I have no idea what the old logo means on the side of the camera?
Have you ever seen this one?
If you have, please let me know.

I will take you through the complete restoration process here on this web page. Keep checking back for updates. I think it might take months, or even years to completly restore this camera to its original working condition. I will do it, no matter how long it takes!!

Enjoy the photos, more to come!

Finally! I have repainted the camera head! I had the original paint from the CCU, computer matched, and put into spray cans. I still have some touch up to do but its coming along!
Note: The lens is not the correct one for the camera. I am still looking for a set of lenses.

Front view. No lenses, but the standard Kodak Ektar lenses will fit.
I plan to repaint the camera head. The "lime green" is not original.

Rear view. No lens hood. I really need one bad!! Do you have a spare???

1. Low voltage Power Supply, 2. Sync. Generator
3. Camera Control Unit, 4. Pickup Auxiliary Unit

I also have all the cables!! I am also missing the Focus Handle HELP!!!!!!

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Last modified on Monday, November 19, 2001