Old time tv lenses on my RCA TK-10A

These photos were taken in my front yard. Some of these lenses are VERY RARE. I hope you enjoy this new series of photos!!

Note: The RCA-TK-10A camera was normally used in the studio, and the TK-30A was used in the field. BUT in the "old days" I have used the TK-10A many times in the field, and thought this camera would display these lenses properly.

My thanks to all the people who loaned, donated, gave, sold, and found all these wonderful lenses and related tv equipment for me.
Sometimes I forget to say,

Special thanks goes to:
David Crosthwait, of DC Video in Los Angeles,
 who seems to have a "nose" for goodies,
AND he has a "pickup truck"!!!!
I owe you DAVID!!

Standard lenses

15" telephoto lens

Studio Zoom Lens

Field Varotal III

Field Varotal Zoom

If you have any photos of old tv lenses, let me know. I will display them here, and give you credit!

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Last modified on Sunday, October 04, 1998