The "Order of the Iron Test Pattern" is an association of people who have made technical contributions to the television industry for more than 15 minutes. The quality of contribution is not important. Merely surviving and keeping a sense of humor IS!

If you even "think" you might qualify, check out their NEW website, and see if your credentials are adequate.
"Trust me," we will take you as a member for almost ANY reason, as long as it has to do with Television broadcasting, and NOW even Cable, Radio, Satellite, Translators, and Digital Cinema endorsements are offered. Soon to come, possible endoresments for Janitorial, Plumbing and Gardening work within 500 feet of a Tv or Radio station,,,,, maybe,,,,, we still have to vote on this one.

FLASH!!!!! Hot news! The OITP has a new leader, Sagacious Pixel, Larry Bloomfield!!! WHO?????
Check out the new web site URL to get the latest news!!!!!

More HOT news!
I, Chuck Pharis, have just been appointed "Custodian and Keeper of the Trusted Antique Television Cameras" . What the heck THAT means, I have no idea. But it sure will look great if I ever need to file for unemployment!
Also, I just received the promotion to GENERL in the OITP! Now I really want that respect I deserve!
No, you do NOT have to salute me,,,,

Order of the Iron Test Pattern

Sample certificate
8 1/2" x 11"

I am looking for collectors of old television equipment. We would like to compile a list of every collector in the world, what they have, how they got started, how long they have been collecting, where they have worked in the business, etc.
We are few in numbers. Lets all band together, and help each other preserve the history of television and it's equipment!
Please contact me, I'll make a list of all of us, and post it here on a special collectors page.
We can look out for each other, help find parts, information, books, etc.
Special "Order of the Iron Test Pattern" awards will be given out to outstanding collectors.
No matter how small or large your collection is,
Be a part of it all!!!! Contact me today.

Thank you,
Chuck Pharis "General" OITP
Curator of Antique Broadcasting Equipment for the "Order of the Iron Test Pattern"

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Last modified on Monday, November 11, 2002