Featured Television Equipment Collector

My good friend Dicky Howett from England. He has quite a collection.

Pictured with a RCA TK-11A.
Note: the lenses on this camera came from me.
The camera came from a junk pile.
Dicky did a great job of restoring
this beautiful camera!!

Some of the cameras and support equipment from Dickys collection

A restored RCA TK-10A

Marconi MK-II
Lenses Dallmeyer
You might notice this camera
is simular to a RCA TK-30A
Marconi bought the blueprints from RCA
and refined the design to produce this
beautiful camera!

Marconi Mark III

I want to thank my good friend Dickey Howett for letting me put some of his collection here. If you have any questions about TV Cameras in Engalnd, you may contact Dicky at: Dicky.Howett@binternet.com
He is one of the leading experts on the history of television equipment in England.

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Last modified on Sunday, October 04, 1998