From the collection of Chuck Pharis

Early "spring type carbon mics"

Back row
Regal C5/Shure 3B/American EL
Front row
American Microphone Co. AG/Universial 915X

Assorted Mics.

Back row
Shure?/Amperite?/American D9AT/Sure 55S/ Electra Voive 911
Front row
Astic T3/Universial?

Very old Microphones

Back row
RCA P64713/Carrier 153/Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co. ?
Front row
LittleWonder/Newman Stern Little Wizzard/Palmer Electric Du-Wa

More Assorted Mics.

Back row
Electro Voice V2/RCA 77/Unknown Mic??
Front row
Midland 22-104/Calrad 500C

Mic Logos NEW, Feb. 15, 1998

I have over 175 Microphones in my collection. Please come back for more photos soon!

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