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Join The Gold Prospectors Association Of America.
For only $67.50 you get:
1. A one year membership in the largest gold prospecting club in the world!
2. The right to look for gold on hundreds of mining claims in the United States, and keep all the gold you find!
3. A full years subscription to the Gold Prospector Magazine.
4. A full years subscription to the Pick and Shovel
5. A gold Catcher Gold Pan
6. Sniffer Bottle
7. Bumper Sticker.
8. GPAA Hat.
9. GPAA Patch.
10. Gold mining video tape.
11. New Gold Mining Guide.
12. Gold mining supplies catalog.
13. Invitations to "special outings"
14. Invitations to Gold and Outdoor Shows.

To get more information, call the GPAA at:
or check out their web site.

GPAA Web Site

Lost Dutchmans Mining Association

Lost Dutchman Mine History

GPAA Outings

Duisenburg LDMA Mining Camp in the California Desert

LDMA Gold Mining Camp at Stanton, Ariz.

Cripple River Gold Mining Camp near Nome, Alaska

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