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See the Television page #2 below for some great news about the Indian Head Test Pattern!!!!!

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A NEW Tv page has been added!

Chuck Pharis with part of his display at NAB 2002 in Las Vegas

Special Announcement
I have built a television camera museum on the back of my house. I will display all my (155)+ cameras there, and also have a place to restore them. I will take photos of all my cameras, and display them here.
Sorry, I do not give tours at this time.

Please note NEW website URL
and Email address.
My email program on this site is not working, so please email me direct using your own email program. Use my email address listed below.

URL http://www.pharis-video.com
Email chuck@pharis-video.com


Shooting a TV Show in Columbia, California

Please E Mail me with your comments. Items for this site come not only from my collection, they also come from YOU!
I need your input!
If you have any old tv equipment you want to "donate" to my historical tv equipment collection, please let me know!

If you have any questions concerning anything relating to television, radio, equipment you have for sale, or trade, tv history, tv shows, tv stations, please e mail me. I will do my best to help you, or I will give you information on someone else who can help you.

A special thank you!
Sometimes I forget to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who has sent me photos, equipment and related information for my web site. Without you, this site would not be possible.
Please keep the goodies coming!!
Thanks, Chuck

This site is the winner if the Cyber Apple Award!!
For more information click on the award icon.

"And Away We Go"!!!

If you need any video tapes transferred from ANY format to ANY format, check out DC Video!!

Television Page # 2, NEW Stuff, April 29, 2017
All new updates will NOW be on this Television #2 page.
HOT NEWS>>>>> Look at this page for great information about the Indian Head Test Pattern!!!

NEW Feature! The "Chucks I really need this BAD" Page!!!!! April 29, 2017
Here is stuff I really need BAD for current restoration projects!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!

The latest lot of vintage Tv goodies is HERE!!! March, 2003
Another truckload of goodies has arrived!!!!!!

RCA Ct-100 page! Updated, Jan. 19, 2003
Here are my two RCA CT-100 Color Tv Sets!
Follow along with me as I restore them to working condition!

Special Feature! WRC TV Vintage Photos! March, 16, 2003
Check out these great vintage photos of WRC TV Washington, DC. Taken in the 1950s!!!

Order of the Iron Test Pattern, Updated Oct. 2002
Check this out! If you have a few minutes of Television in your past, you may qualify to join this great group of old farts!

New photos of my Television Equipment Museum!!!!! Oct. 2002
I am finally getting the museum on order. Here are the FIRST photos!!!!!!!

Check out my new GOODIES!!!!! Sept. 14, 02

Televising Golf! NEW, Aug. 2002!
Look here to see how we televise a Golf remote!!!

NEW!!! Grass Valley Switcher Parts Page!!!!
Sorry, all my Grass Valley equipment has been sold.

Photos of the month, Updated Jan. 2003

Photos of the Month, updated April, 2003
The other Photos of the month page is FULL, so I will start another one beginning March, 2003.

My new lot of goodies have arrived!!!!!
I just got a TRUCK LOAD of equipment in from Texas!!!!!!!

How to restore a Tv Set! New, July, 2002
Follow along with me as I completely restore a vintage Broadcast quality Color Tv Set!

My new restoration project! June 9, 2002
NEW PHOTOS!!!! I have started the restoration!!! Check out the mess I got myself into!

More TK-40/41 restoration! NEW June 23.
Here is some of the TK-40/41 support equipment I am working on.

NEW!!!! How to restore vintage Tv and Radio Equipment!
New feature! Follow along as I show you how I restore my vintage broadcasting equipment!!!

FLASH!!!!!! NEW PHOTOS!!!!!!
I am back from NAB! Check out this page for many NEW photos!

Finally, some photos of my new Camera Museum! NEW! Feb. 2002
Well, not really a museum, they are all in my basement! I simply call it "my museum"!!!
Yes, some of us have basements in California!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!!! Dec. 2001
Check out the latest photos of the Las Vegas Bowl game I did on Christmas day!!!

Photos, just for FUN!!! Dec. 2001
Some photos I have collected over the years! Please send me your favorite photos, and I'll put them HERE!

My current Project! Dec. 2001

FLASH!!! I got my RCA TK-31A WORKING!!!
Check here for photos!!!

Here is my RCA TK-60 WORKING!!!!!! Dec. 2001

Vacuum Tubes for sale!!

The General Electric PC-2 Iconoscope Camera!

The WWII Military Aircraft Iconoscope Camera!

My BTS HDTV Camera!!!! NEW March, 2001

Broadcasting Items Wanted, for Sale or Trade
More items I need for my collection!

Click here to see the photos, of my RCA TK-41!

HDTV Monday Night Football Photos from the 1999 season!
Sorry, we are not doing MNF in HD this year???? I am not happy with it either! If you want to see MNF in HD, go to http://www.abc.com and TELL THEM you want your HDTV!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Field Zoomar Lens!!
Eat your heart out, I got TWO and you don't!!!!!!!
Am I bragging?????????

The DUMONT 124-B Camera!!
Check out the new photo of the restored camera head!!!

DUMONT, the history of a Legend

The RCA TMV-75-B Field Intensity Meter

Lenses and the RCA TK-10
You have to check this out!!!! Great photos of some old time lenses on my RCA TK-10

Featured article
The RCA TK-1C Test Pattern Generator.

Featured collector

Viewers Photos
Photos sent to me by viewers of my website!!!!

Photos of my Antique Broadcast TV Equipment
The following pages showing my collection are photos of where I used to store my collection. These photos are over 5 years old. Please enjoy them, but I have now built an addition to my house. See the NEW Museum on the pages near the top of this page.

More Photos of my Camera Collection

Even MORE photos of my collection!!


Check out my Radio and Radio Microphone Collection

Television Toys

Video Tape Equipment

Television Cameras in England

TV Logos

Test Patterns

The TV Theme Song Page

Early Television Show Information

Tv studio, production, remotes, photographs!

ABC Tv Photographs

Early RCA Television Equipment

Misc. Television Support Equipment

TV Camera pickup tubes

Ed Reitans, The History of Color Television
A great site about color tv history, with some nice photos.

Television and Video Teachers Consortium
Next to my web site, this guy has it all!! Click here AFTER you browse my site, and see what a great Tv site Lee Schaeffer has put together.

US Patent number chart
Us patent number list from 1836 to 1985. A great way to find out when that old tv set, or other item, you have was made!

LINKS PAGE New links added each week! Updated, 1/17/05
Great links to: TV sites, TV stations, Historical TV sites, TV Equipment Companies, Film sites, Radio, AND MORE!!!

New items added often. Please bookmark this page, and COME BACK AGAIN!

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