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A few of my cameras
displayed in my
front yard

Some of the TV Equipment I have collected over the years

RCA TK-10A The first widely used Black & White camera. This camera was used by KHJ-TV in Hollywood

RCA TK11A black and white camera on a Houston
Fearless panhead

RCA TK 30, black and white camera. This camera was used by KCOP TV 13, in Los Angeles.

RCA TK-44 Color TV camera, with a Varatol zoom lens.

RCA TK-76 Handheld Color Camera
One of the first self contained handheld color cameras. I have two of these, the second one needs a lens and viewfinder, HELP!!

Philips PC-60 Color Camera. I have two of these but no CCUs. If you know of any available, please let me know!
Note: The main noticable difference between the PC-60 and the PC-70 is the PC-60 has round applied handles on the camera body.
The PC-70 has square built in handles on the camera body.
These cameras belonged to ABC TV in Hollywood. They shot American Bandstand, The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and hundreds of other shows!

Philips PC-70
I have 4 of these
complete with CCUs
These cameras also belonged to ABC TV in Hollywood and shot Family Feud, The Welk Show, American Bandstand, KABC News, and many other shows.

Phillips PCP-70 early handheld camera. I carried one of these for years. That is probably the reason I have a bad back today! It was VERY heavy!!

Ikegami HL-51 Hanheld camera. I need a lens for this camera. If you know of one for sale, let me know.

CEI-310 Hand Held

Link 110 Color Camera. This camera was once used by the BBC at their Lime Grove Studios in England.
As far as I know, I have the ONLY Link 110 camera in the USA! If you know of anyone else that has one, please let me know!
I need the Maint. books # 2 & 3 for this camera!

Lots more to come soon!!!

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