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Most of these links are dead. Give me some time, and I'll update them.

Bad Pickup Lines

Cleberty Plastic Surgery Lab

The James T. Kirk sing-a-long Page

Center For The Easily Amused

Chia Pet Zoo

Foam Bath Fish Time

Harmonica Lessons

How to Toilet Train your CAT

It's........Monty Python's Flying Circus

Jelly Beans

Joke Of The Day!!

Lip Balm Anonymos

Love Calculator

Macarena Lessons

Magic Tricks

M.O.N.K.E.Y Page

Pet Rock Page

Pig Latin Converter

Random Topic Generator

Stupid Pet Photos

The Human Ant Farm

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything

Useless WWW Pages

Welcome to My House

Whats in Your Name

Please let me know if any of these sites are inactive

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