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Photo of the Month for Feb. 2011

Well, just in case you are interested, these photos started my interest in television engineering! Read the following story on how I got started in Tv!

When I was in High School, I was watching tv with my father. We were watching ABCs Wide World of Sports. They were showing some behind the scenes photos of the cameras they used to televise golf. I was WIDE EYED looking at all the great tv cameras! From that moment on, I knew I wanted to work in television. I told my dad, "This is what I want to DO"!!!!!
He said "go for it", and the rest is history! It took me 25 years for find someone that had these photos. I have them on the wall next to my computer, so I can look back to the day it all began!
The cameras are, from left to right:
One RCA TK-60A Black & White camera, probably used to shoot graphics,
12 RCA TK-41C cameras with what looks like Varatol Zoom lenses.
12 Norelco PC-70 cameras with various Taylor Hobson zoom lenses.
Also in front of the cameras are the Parabolic dishes used for audio.
The photos were taken in the mid 1960s. Eventually, ABC got rid of the very heavy TK-41 cameras, and went to more PC-70s then later to LDK-5s.
Today they use HD cameras.

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Last modified on Feb. 2011