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This is really going to be a tough project!

I just got this old vintage, broadcast quality, control room, color monitor in, and am going to "try" to restore it to working condition,,,,,

It is in TERRIBLE condition, as the photos will show. I think I can get it to work, unless there are some blown transformers.

I do not know very much about this set. It was made by Tel-Insrtument Co. Inc. Type 2401 Ser 153. I do not have any paperwork on this set and am looking for a skematic on it. If you have ANY information on this set pleeeeese email me!!!!!

I am going to guess the set was made in the mid 1950s. The CRT # has long rotted off, so the information on the above tag is all I have,,,,,,
It was used in a Video Room at a Tv Station in the 1950s.
It looks a bit like a RCA TM-10.

The goop on the front of the CRT is old shock mount rubber, that has turned into a wet paste, that feels like glue. Here I go again! Another tough restoration project!
This set weighs a TON, and is a real mess, wait until you see the inside!!!

Click HERE to see the restoration project begin!

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