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This is a RCA TK 41 color TV camera, operated by ABC Sports cameraman Dale Walsh, at a football game for ABCs Wide World of Sports in Los Angeles. Photo taken in 1967.

Another view of an RCA TK 41 color camera

This early handheld, Phillips LDK 33 camera, was mounted in a chopper, for aerial coverage of an auto race at Le Mans. The lens is a Monital 8:1 f3.4 24-180 mm zoom.

RCA TK 30 Black and White camera used by KTTV for a sporting event in Los Angeles. The camera has a Zoomar lens. Photo taken in 1956 by: Dale Walsh.

Do you have any old photos of early brodacasting events. Send me a copy, and I'll put them here, and give you a credit!!

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