Well folks, I finally got the lens I have wanted all my life!!!!!
The Field Zoomar!

Wait a minute,,,,,, did I say a Field Zoomar????
Sorry, I ment TWO Field Zoomars!!!!!!!

Check them out!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I'm happy????

This Field Zoomar came from KTTV TV in Hollywood. Notice the two support bars on the bottom of the lens. When we used these lenses back in the 50s, we had to tie a rope to the front of the lens and then to the top of the camera, normally a RCA TK-10,11,30, or 31. The lens is almost 3' long, so the front element hung low, and the lens would not zoom smoothly!! These two bars, must have really helped to stabilize this lens!!
I have the original wood box and zoom/focus push rod for this lens!

This Field Zoomar is also from KTTV in Hollywood. It is in almost MINT condition.
I need a zoom/focus push rod for this lens. Do you have a spare????

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