Here is the GOLD Dust ready for sale!!
This GOLD Dust was found on the beach near Nome Alaska
It is VERY pure. The Berring Sea has washed this gold for MILLIONS of years.

The GOLD Dust comes in a bottle like this. None of these bottles have been weighed. I simply poured some in each bottle.

Each bottle is $12.00 plus $2.00 for postage. You may buy as many bottles as you want. The $2.00 postage, covers one to five bottles. If you want more than five, please add and additional $2.00 for each order of one to five bottles.
I have about 250 of these bottles. When they are gone, you will have to wait for my next trip to Alaska!

I also have about 200 bottles containing three gold nuggets each. These nuggets vary in size, and have not been weighed. The nuggets came from Alaska and the California Mother Load. Each bottle is $15.00
Shipping is the same as for the GOLD Dust. One to five bottles is $2.00
These nuggets are the perfect size for watch bands, and rings. Also if you have a metal detector, use these nuggets to practice hunting for gold. They work great for tuning up your detector!!

Note: On larger orders, I can put the gold in one large bottle, and save on the shipping costs. E mail me with your questions.
Will I "make a deal" on larger orders??
Lets talk!

How to order

I take cash, check, or money order. I will ship your gold within 3 days if you send me a money order, or cash. Personal checks MUST clear the bank first, before I can mail out your order.
NO CODs, or credit cards please.
All orders sent in a plain padded envelope, US Mail. I will send UPS if you want to pay for it. Larger orders are recommended UPS. I'll let you know what the postage is for larger UPS orders.

Email me at for more information.

Please include your name, address phone number and e mail address with your order.
Sorry I do not have a catalog.

I will answer questions about the GOLD for sale at my e mail address

Have FUN, and enjoy the GOLD!!!

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Last modified on Feb 24, 2011